Maturity Policy: In case of Survival:

If the policyholder survives till the end of the policy tenure then the sum quoted along with the simple reversionary bonus and final addition bonus if any will be given to the insured person as the benefits of maturity of the policy. Each year simple reversionary bonus is declared as a percentage of the quoted sum under this policy. The sum assured is not increased because of the bonus amount. At the end of this policy, the final additional bonus may be declared if the person insured has paid all the premiums on time. It is a kind of appreciation given by the company to the policyholder.

In case of death:

If the policyholder dies within the period of the policy tenure and he has just paid a single premium, then, only that would be given to the nominee. This is because the person has died before the commencement of risk date. If the policyholder dies after the commencement of risk date then the sum assured plus accrued bonus would be paid as death benefit. Discount is even available if the sum assured is huge.

Loan Benefit:

After the first policy year, one can avail loan on the policy.

Income Tax Benefit:

Income tax benefits for the premium paid and the claims received are given to the policyholder.