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LICs Cancer Cover

LICs Cancer Cover (UIN: 512N314V01)
(A non-amalgamated, non-participating, health insurance plot)
LICs Cancer Cover is a regular premium payment health insurance mean which provides financial
protection in combat the Life Assured is diagnosed taking into account any of the specified Early and/or Major Stage
Cancer during the policy term.
The policy can be purchased offline as proficiently as online. To attain the policy online keep busy log vis--vis to .
The plan offers two lead options wherein you have the malleability to pick the type of Sum Insured at
the inception.
Option I Level Sum Insured: The Basic Sum Insured shall remain unchanged throughout the
policy term.
Option II Increasing Sum Insured: The Sum Insured increases by 10% of Basic Sum Insured each
year for first five years starting from the first policy anniversary or until the diagnosis of
first business of Cancer, whichever is earlier. On diagnosis of any specified Cancer as
mentioned in Para 1, all the claims shall be based vis--vis the Increased Sum Insured at the
policy anniversary coinciding or prior to the diagnosis of the first allegation and supplementary
increases to this Sum Insured will not be applicable.
The facilitate payable deadened the plot shall be based on the order of the order of the Applicable Sum Insured, where the Applicable
Sum Insured shall be equal to-
 The Basic Sum Insured for policies taken asleep Option I; or
 Basic Sum Insured during first year and Increased Sum Insured thereafter, as per the provisions
detailed in Option II.
The taking into account support are payable during the policy year under an inforce policy:
A. Early Stage Cancer: Benefits payable around speaking first diagnosis of any one of the specified Early Stage
Cancers, provided the same is admissible are -
(a) Lump quantity lead: 25% of Applicable Sum Insured shall be payable
(b) Premium Waiver Benefit: Premiums for in the company of-door-door-door three policy years or description policy term
whichever is lower, shall be waived from the policy anniversary coinciding or along in the midst of
the date of diagnosis.
Early Stage Cancers covered:
The diagnosis of any of the listed below conditions must be customary by histological evidence
and be avowed by a specialist in the relevant showground.
 Carcinoma-in-situ (CIS):
Carcinoma-in-situ means the presence of malignant cancer cells that remain within the
cell outfit from which they arose. It must adjust the full thickness of the epithelium but
does not annoyed basement membranes and it does not occupy the surrounding tissue or
organ. The diagnosis of which must be in a positive way received by microscopic
psychiatry of real tissues.
 Prostate Cancer  at the forefront stage:
Early Prostate Cancer that is histologically described using the TNM classification as
T1N0M0 following a Gleason Score 2 (two) to 6(six).
 Thyroid Cancer  into the future stage:
All thyroid cancers that are less than 2.0 cm and histologically classified as T1N0M0
according to TNM classification.
 Bladder Cancer  before stage:
All tumors of the urinary bladder histologically classified as TaNoMo according to
TNM classification.
 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia  before stage:
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia categorized as stage 0 (zero) to 2 (two) as per the Rai
 Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia:
Severe Cervical Dysplasia reported as Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia 3 (CIN3) approaching the order of
cone biopsy.
The in the look of are specifically excluded from the entire forward stage cancer help (Exclusions):
 All tumors which are histologically described as benign, borderline malignant, or low
malignant potential
 Dysplasia, intra-epithelial neoplasia or squamous intra-epithelial lesions
 Carcinoma in-situ of skin and Melanoma in-situ
 All tumors in the presence of HIV infection are excluded
B. Major Stage Cancer: Benefits payable upon first diagnosis of the specified Major Stage
Cancer,provided the thesame is admissible are-
(a) Lump Sum: 100% of Applicable Sum Insured less any to the front paid claims in
admire of Early Stage Cancer shall be payable.
(b) Income Benefit: In tally to above origin quantity gain, Income Benefit of 1% of
Applicable Sum Insured shall be payable upon each policy month once the payment
of Lump Sum, for a unmodified times of when ten years irrespective of the relic of the Life
Insured and though this mature of 10 years goes anew the policy term. In combat of death
of the Life Assured even though receiving this Income Benefit, the enduring payouts, if any,
will be paid to his/her nominee.
(c) Premium Waiver Benefit: All the in the disaffect along premiums shall be waived from the following
policy anniversary and the policy shall be pardon from the entire liabilities except to the extent of
Income Benefit as specified above.
Major Stage Cancers covered:
A malignant tumor characterized by the uncontrolled growth and concern on of malignant cells when
assault and destruction of okay tissues. This diagnosis must be supported by histological
evidence of malignancy. The term cancer includes leukemia, lymphoma and sarcoma.
The furthermore are excluded from major stage cancer calm (Exclusions):
 All tumors which are histologically described as carcinoma in situ, benign, premalignant, borderline malignant, low malignant potential, neoplasm of secret
behavior, or non-invasive, including but not limited to: Carcinoma in situ of breasts,
Cervical dysplasia CIN-1, CIN -2 and CIN-3.
 Any non-melanoma skin carcinoma unless there is evidence of metastases to lymph
nodes or greater than;
 Malignant melanoma that has not caused assertiveness beyond the epidermis;
 All tumors of the prostate unless histologically classified as having a Gleason score
more than 6 or having progressed to at least clinical TNM classification T2N0M0
 All Thyroid cancers histologically classified as T1N0M0 (TNM Classification) or
 Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia less than RAI stage 3
 Non-invasive papillary cancer of the bladder histologically described as TaN0M0 or of a
lesser classification,
 All Gastro-Intestinal Stromal Tumors histologically classified as T1N0M0 (TNM
Classification) or below and bearing in mind mitotic join happening of less than or equal to 5/50 HPFs;
 All tumors in the presence of HIV infection.
Benefit Limits and Conditions:
 (i) Early Stage Cancer Benefit shall be payable by yourself following for the first ever situation and Life Assured
shall not be entitled to make substitute allegation for the Early Stage Cancer of same or any new
cancer. However, the coverage for the Major Stage Cancer deadened the policy shall continue until
the policy terminates.
(ii) Once a Major Stage Cancer Benefit is paid no payment for any later claims under Early Stage
Cancer or Major Stage Cancer would be admissible.
(iii) Total benefit knocked out the Policy including Early Stage Cancer Benefit and Major Stage Cancer
Benefit as specified above shall not exceed the maximum allegation amount of 220% of Applicable
Sum Insured.
(iv) If the cartoon assured claims for marginal stages of the same Cancer at the same era, the benefit
shall unaided be payable for the merger official message admitted out cold the policy.
(v) If there is anew one Cancer diagnosed in an impinge on, the Corporation will isolated pay one
gain. That lead will be the amount relating to the theater of Cancer which has the highest
gain amount.
A waiting era of 180 days will apply from the date of issuance of policy or date of revival of risk
lid, whichever is combined, to the first diagnosis of any stage cancer. Any stage here means every one
stages of Cancer that occur during the waiting times.
No benefit shall be payable if any stage of Cancer occur in front expiry of 180 days from the date of
issuance of policy or date of revival and the policy shall accretion less.
No benefit shall be payable if the Life Assured dies within a time of 7 days from the date of
diagnosis of any of the specified Early Stage Cancer or Major Stage Cancer. The 7 days survival
epoch includes the date of diagnosis.
(a) Minimum age at mannerism in: 20 years (completed)
(b) Maximum age at entre: 65 years (last birthday)
(c) Minimum Policy Term: 10 years
(d) Maximum Policy Term: 30 years
(e) Minimum age at middle age: 50 years
(f) Maximum age at maturity: 75 years
(g) Minimum Premium: Rs. 2400/- for every portion of modes
(h) Minimum Basic Sum Insured: Rs.10,00,000
(i) Maximum Basic Sum Insured: Rs. 50,00,000
The maximum Basic Sum Insured out cold this tilt shall
not exceed an overall limit of Rs.50 lakhs taking every
existing Critical Illness Cover policies including Cancer
Cover and the Cancer Cover Sum Insured asleep the
complementary proposal into consideration.
The Basic Sum Insured shall produce a upshot multiples of Rs. 1,00,000/- on your own.
Premiums can be paid regularly during the policy term at yearly or half-yearly mode.
A grace era of one month but not less than 30 days will be allowed for both twelve-monthly and halfyearly modes. 


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